Top Tips for Fire Pit Placement

August 22

If you’ve decided to buy the most stylish fire pit San Diego has to offer, add it to your backyard, and give your outdoor space a modern flair, one of the first things you need to consider is the placement of your fire pit. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind in addition to other considerations such as securing your fire pit properly or deciding on the right fire pit size

All of these considerations are essential for creating a safe outdoor zone where you can enjoy the charms of alfresco experience without worrying about possible risks. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you take some time to learn more about fire pit design, safety, and placement considerations. 

Where do you place a fire pit

Afterward, you can enjoy your backyard haven to the fullest, soaking up the sun during the day and enjoying the flickering flames in the evening. 

Where do you place a fire pit?

When installing a fire pit, you need to choose the location carefully to ensure adequate safety levels. Although you may have several options depending on the type of your fire pit, you still need to pay attention to some of the following factors:

  • Its surroundings. You shouldn’t place your fire pit in the vicinity of hanging branches, fences, wooden structures, or combustible materials. It’s always better to place it in an open, wide space.
  • Wind direction. If there’s a risk of wind blowing sparkles directly onto your home or some inflammable materials, you should avoid placing it in that particular spot. 
  • City regulations. Checking the local regulations on fire pits is also essential for determining the right spot for your fire pit. 
  • Covered areas. In most cases, placing a fire pit under a covered area isn’t allowed. There might be some exceptions, for instance, with gas fire pits, but you should generally avoid covered locations. 
  • Seating area. If you’re planning to create a seating area around your fire pit, you also need to keep this in mind when picking a location. You shouldn’t be too close to your fire pit and have enough leg space, yet still be close enough to stay warm by the fire
  • Fire extinguisher. No matter where you place your fire pit, you should still have a fire extinguisher nearby for safety. It’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected. 

How far does a fire pit have to be away from a house?

Placing your fire pit as far away from your home is always the best option. However, some homeowners don’t have a lot of space in their backyards, so they need to know what the recommended minimum distance is. 

With this in mind, you should place your fire pit 10 to 20 feet away from your home at the very least. This also goes for other structures, plants, trees, and anything else in the immediate proximity. The best way to determine the ideal location for your fire pit is to imagine a circle of 20 feet around your fire pit and make sure that nothing flammable is in that area.

As for the placement on a wooden porch, this requires careful consideration because it can be a major fire hazard. You shouldn’t place your fire pit directly on wood decking, but choose a surface made of concrete, brick, stone, or gravel. 

Can you put a fire pit on the grass

Can you put a fire pit on the grass?

You shouldn’t place your fire pit directly onto the grass. It can cause a grass fire, so you should definitely place it over a fire-resistant surface. As already mentioned, stone, slate, gravel, brick, and concrete are all great options for a fire pit base. 

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