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Waterfall Projects

Backyard waterfalls transform your yard into a peaceful haven with their cascading rush and soothing sounds. Whether you want a lavish falls with a large pond or a compact pondless waterfall, call our company to schedule an initial on-site consultation and get a written estimate emailed to you within 5 business days of the first meeting. The best garden waterfalls look like a seamless part of the landscape. With every project that we undertake, we strive to replicate Mother Nature. In fact, we take our inspiration from the area’s own water features such as Mission Trails Park in Santee, where there are some pretty amazing falls along the stream in Oak Canyon.

How to Build a Backyard Waterfall

When beginning our waterfall and stream design, our owner works with you to create the right size, height and placement. We first visualize how it would look if it were designed by nature. We use a top quality product by Aquascape called the BioFall. We place it where we want the waterfall to begin. We level off the area so that the equipment is set level from left to right, slightly leaning forward. We hook up 2” flex pipe to the back of the unit using a flexible PVC glue and primer. The flex pipe then runs alongside the stream and connects to the back of the skimmer. With the right pond pump, the water will stay clean and free of algae. Rockscaping – For a natural pond waterfall look, we like to create pools between multiple levels and finish it with dramatic rocks. One popular design is the placement of two large boulders in front of and on each side of the BioFalls unit. Smaller rocks go in between the two large boulders to fill in the void. A flat boulder or a piece of flagstone is set on top of and between the boulders. This is called the waterfall weir, and it is the rock that the water rolls over to form the waterfall. Waterfall pumps – The best pumps circulate a flow of approximately 1,500 gallons per hour (GPH) for every foot of waterfall width. If you want the waterfall or stream to form rapids, you need to have about twice that flow. We usually use a pump that is at least 3,000 GPH. That means your stream would be around 2 feet wide at most points, narrowing to one foot wide where you want the stream to become a rapids. If you want the stream to slow down to make a pool, we dig that area 1-2 feet deep and widen the width to 3 feet.

Pondless Waterfalls

If you don’t have the yard space or budget for a pond waterfall, or if you have safety concerns, pondless waterfalls are a great alternative. The basin is dug deeper than a conventional pond, and the pump and filter are hidden at the bottom under gravel. These water features offer the sight and sounds of a falls without the pond maintenance. When we build any backyard waterfall, we pay attention to every detail. That includes choosing the right size, a durable pump and liner, and a layer of gravel. We use a product sold at KRC Rock called Arizona River Rock, ½” – 1 ½” in diameter. This protects the waterfall liner from the sun’s UV rays while creating a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize. The bacteria consume nutrients that would otherwise feed the algae in the water. The result: cleaner water and less pond maintenance. Call us now for an on-site consultation and get an estimate on beautiful backyard waterfalls in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Coronado and all nearby cities in San Diego County. We are rated A+ by the area Better Business Bureau.

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Karen O.

Robert and his crew did an amazing job in our backyard. The guys were very professional, respectful and very detail-oriented. The pavers, shade structure and turf transformed our backyard into a great oasis for entertaining or just plain relaxing and enjoying. We so highly recommend Robert and his crew, we will be using them again for future projects!

Joe K.

I contacted Robert to remove a large outdated water feature and replace it with a bar. Demolition went smoothly and they matched the existing hardscape perfectly. Highly recommend. Quality workmanship from all his employees.

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