Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Water Fountain for Your Home

December 30

You’ve probably heard many times that listening to the soothing flow of water promotes relaxation and peace of mind. Adding a bit of its healing power in your space can turn it into a true personal sanctuary. One of the clever ways to transform your home into a peaceful oasis is by installing a beautiful water feature. But, how do you choose the right water fountain and where can you find the best outdoor wall water fountains in San Diego? Keep on reading to find out!

How do I choose a water fountain?

To reap the benefits of installing an eye-catching water unit in your garden, make sure you consider the following first:

1. Determine the size 

If you want to avoid common pitfalls when adding a water unit to your backyard, it’s important to be aware of space constraints. Think about what would fit your space best and how much room you have available. Remember that this is going to be a major focal point, so measuring the length and width of the yard might be a good idea to make sure that the fountain fits into the existing area seamlessly.

2. Weight is important, too

Keep in mind that wooden patios hold less weight than concrete ones, which makes fiberglass fountains a much smarter solution than heavy cast stone. What’s more, bulky features require careful planning before moving them into the desired position, while smaller ones are easy to place. 

3. Look for the right style

With so many features available on the market, it’s not surprising you don’t know what’s the best option for your outdoor space. To be sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to style, step back for a moment and think about your personal preferences: traditional, contemporary, or casual? Also, would you like to complement the space or to provide stark contrast?

4. Think of materials you like

It’s time to turn your attention to different materials used in water units. When placed outdoors, you need the ones made from durable materials to prevent rusting, chipping, and other damage. For instance, cast stone, stainless steel, fiberglass bamboo, etc.

5. Keep maintenance requirements in mind

Before making a final decision, thinking about logistics is of vital importance. Decide on whether you want a free-flowing fountain or one that recirculates water. Free-flowing units have to be refilled whenever the water level is low, whereas recirculating ones are considered more efficient because the pump determines the optimal flow. Furthermore, if you want the look and feel of your new fountain, this is a good moment to pick low-maintenance plants

6. Take your lifestyle into account 

The importance of your lifestyle can’t be emphasized enough since it determines what design particularly matches your unique circumstances. It will affect your fountain decorating ideas, especially if you have small children at home. The last thing you want for your newly installed addition is to present a potential danger to curious youngsters. But the good news is there are numerous design possibilities with no sharp edges and no small pebbles around, so picking those might be a smart move.

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