5 Fantastic Ideas to Decorate Your Outdoor Fountain

January 31

A water fountain can make a beautiful addition to your back or front yard, and it also serves several other purposes, such as a birdbath. Whether big or small, it can give your garden or pathway a distinctive look.  You can enrich your exterior by reaching out to a reputable company in San Diego and selecting one of the amazing outdoor water fountains or other water features. However, if you already have one that you’d like to upgrade, have a look at these inspiring ideas on how to decorate your fountain

How can I decorate my fountain?

When it comes to this type of exterior design, less is usually more due to attractive water flow which is sufficient in itself. However, you can always add subtle and nuanced features to make it extraordinary. 


This is a great choice if you need to add some color to your fountain or cover a rough texture. You can choose from a large variety of species that can thrive under the spray. Depending on your preference, you can mix different styles as well.  Groundcover plants make a wonderful base, and you can use potted ones to cover up any features you dislike or find unnatural. Floating plants can also be functional by keeping the water cool or preventing excessive growth of algae. To keep it lively during cold months, add a couple of evergreen species. 


Be it pebbles, rocks, or boulders, these can be a contrast of stillness to the flowing water or add a rustic appearance. You can arrange them around the fountain base, place them inside the basin, pool, or even make a panel so water can flow above or over it. With all the different shapes and sizes, you can use your imagination and play to create amazing effects.


Birds are regular visitors to your fountain, enjoying all of its benefits. Aside from being a beautiful sight, it’s also educational for children. If you’d like to have more birds visit your backyard, add some more baths around the area. You can also place a birdhouse (or a couple of them) close to the fountain. That way, you’ll have a whole scenery with the fountain in the center. 


Lights are a wonderful addition to enjoy during nighttime. You can place them around the fountain or inside, under water. Anyway, you should make sure that the fixtures are waterproof. Depending on your preference, the light can be plain white and steady for a calming effect or colorful and changing for a more lively effect.  

Marble figurines

It’s easy to imagine a Roman fountain in your backyard with a marble figurine. However, it doesn’t have to be that extravagant. Marble is very resistant to weather conditions, and figurines are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Maybe a tiny marble bird or frog is just what your water feature is missing. 

Where in San Diego can I find quality outdoor wall water fountainsWhere in San Diego can I find quality outdoor wall water fountains?

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