3 Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

December 30

Are you searching for a visually appealing solution that can improve your health and well-being? Or maybe you’re contemplating adding a layer of elegance to your landscape? If so, installing an outdoor water fountain is the way to go. Running water has calming effects on the mind, and enhances the appearance of your garden at the same time.    But, how do you know which water feature is just the right addition to your space? And do you need to consult specialists in outdoor wall water fountains in San Diego, CA to make sure you choose the most suitable one for your residence? Keep on reading to find out!

Which water fountain is best?

When looking for the right water feature for your garden, learning about the types will help you find the perfect fit. Although they come in different sizes and shapes, outdoor fountains can be narrowed down to 3 main types.

1. Tabletop fountains

If you’re searching for something simple that comes with no frills and brings ultimate tranquility to your space, look no further. Designed in a variety of styles, this piece of home decor is easy to set up. You typically have to feed the pump water through a tube so it can run properly, but other than that there are no special functions you need to deal with.

2. Wall-mounted fountains

The next type is a bit more complex. However, it creates an enchanting outdoor garden setting. This instant water feature is usually made of stone, clay, wood, and many different types of metal, including copper, and it brings you back in touch with nature. It’s simple to mount against any wall, post, or fence. The reason why most people choose to have these types of fountains is because they don’t take up ground room at all. However, note that you’ll need to fill up the water basin manually if you choose to purchase a wall-mounted feature.

3. Free-standing fountains

The final type is an old favorite that can’t be beaten. It has multiple tiers of moving water, bringing in the beauty of water moving in multiple directions. This type of outdoor water feature can match almost any garden and provides a great addition to most spaces. With the sound of the water gushing out, you can’t help but feel relaxed and at peace in your own backyard. Even though there’s a world of landscaping possibilities, please note that your lifestyle is the no.1 factor when selecting the right type of fountain for your space. If you have kids, for example, then safety definitely comes first, from the depth of the water to a child-friendly design. Also, the idea you have might not be the best choice for the area you live in. Coping with a range of weather conditions means you need a more durable and practical design that can be packed up and stored during the winter months. Keep these tips in mind and you can’t go wrong. 

Who should I call if I want to build high-quality wall water fountains in San Diego, CA?

Which water fountain is bestYou want to do justice to your garden area and install one, but you’re still not sure if a water fountain is worth the investment? Or perhaps you want your feature to complement its surroundings, but you’re not into water-smart landscaping and don’t know how to decorate the fountain? Contact Pacific Dreamscapes and you’ll have all your problems solved in no time!  We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals to rely on, whether you live in Downtown San Diego or an adjacent area. From mounting a wall fountain to offering a variety of unmatched water design options, we’ll handle every aspect of the process diligently and up to your standards. Reach out to us today and schedule the service you need!